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[When Al flips the feed on, he looks rather perturbed. He opens and closes his mouth several times, trying to find a way to start this whole thing a few times before silent ly shaking his head and turning the Gear around.]

[On the lawn of a certain rowdy house in Goldenrod sands a lone Golurk of unusual coloring. It is waiting patiently, and from behind the screen Al gives a signal. For a moment, everything is still...and then something starts rumbling. The Golurk shakes as if something is rattling around inside until--]


[The camera tracks it's slow progression up and over the house, rising like some ridiculous mecha out of an 80's anime, before Al whips the Gear back around to his incredibly distressed face.]

Why can it learn Fly?!

[It's been two weeks and he is still not over this.]
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[The feed opens to a panning view from what could be a mountaintop if the plain below wasn't so close. There are plenty of Pokemon around, a few Geodude and Graveler rolling down the craggy hill and past a barrier in the distance a group of grazing Ryhorn and Tauros can be seen.]

[The camera turns around to Al's grinning face, a tiny little Aron perched cheerfully on his shoulder.]
The Safari Zone is so awesome! I've never seen so many different Pokemon in one place, and the environments are amazing! If you've been wondering about coming, you should definitely check it out!

[He's about to continue before there's a sudden yelp and the sounds of rocks being dislodged by hasty movements, and Al looks over curiously.] Rin, what's going--what did you do?!

I didn't do anything! [Something brown and blurry shoots past, and Alphonse quickly takes off as well, the camera jostling before the feed cuts out.]


[A short while later another post goes up, this one shot from the inside of a small alcove of rock and showing Al, Rin, and the little Aron huddled closely together. Angry cries of 'Spear! Spear!' go off in the background, and neither boy looks very happy.]

Uh...anyone have any tips for getting a flock of Spearow to leave you alone?

( ooc: Al and Rin will be replying separately to responses! )
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[The video comes on to Alphonse grinning widely and holding up a nice, sparkly new Fog Badge to the camera.]

I did it! I really did it, I got the badge! I mean, my team was way higher level than his, but still--!

[Behind Alphonse, a Liepard jumps up to put his paws on his trainer's shoulders and gives Al a lick on the cheek...then sneezes a glowing feather off his nose.]

Ah hah, Cecil, jeez! --oh, yeah, are these feathers falling anywhere else? They're all over town, and there's nothing in the sky that should be dropping least that I can see.
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[Al isn't in view when he turns the Gear on this time, instead turning the camera at several piles of eggs on his bed, neatly separated by species.]

So I decided to give some breeding a shot again, and I'm putting the results up for sale! If you've only shown up recently, I'll be happy to hand over an egg for free; I know how hard it can be starting out here!

[He turns the camera around to himself, and a curious 'Vee?' can be heard off-screen.]

I'll attach a list with the prices and everything, so let me know if you're interested!

Private text to Labrys

Hey, I've got that egg I promised you! Where are you at right now?

((The list is here! There's still a Ralts and Bulbasaur left to be claimed to good homes!))
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[When the feed clicks on, it's pretty clear that Al has something of a predicament on his hands. Or, rather on his head, since there's a very happy little Munna latched onto the back of it.]

[He tilts his head to give a clearer view of his passenger before he speaks.]

Um, does anybody have any tips to getting these guys loose? I woke up with him on my head and he, uh...really doesn't want to move.
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[The flash of light was...weird, to say the least. Alphonse had been warned and he knew this thing was coming, but somehow he expected it to be different. More...impressive? But instead it's as if nothing had happened at all. Well, not quite--he can feel the tingling flow of alchemical energy again, something he hadn't ever been without until he'd crossed through the Gate with Edward.]

[His brother...]

[Al sighed and flopped down on the bed, staring at the floor. Would they be here, somewhere? People supposedly came and went with much greater ease during these couldn't hurt to look. And some fresh air would probably do him some good, anyway.]

[He got up and was about to head out when he paused and looked back at the sheets on the bed. After a moment, he clapped his hands and a crackle of energy went over the fabric--]

[When Al steps out onto the street, it's with a jacket that some might find rather familiar over his shoulders, pulled closed against the chill.]
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[The feed opens to Edward and Alphonse both grinning at the camera. There's obviously something behind them, but right now they're blocking any sight of what it is.]

Hey! Al and I finally got around to doing some breeding, and we've got a whole lot of eggs for people!

[Here Ed takes the camera and turns it over to the bed where a rather impressive pile of eggs is laying with several of both their Pokemon on and around them. The pair of Emolga seem especially happy with one egg that's been set aside.]

We're not charging for most of them, since a lot of them were experiments. ...and a few accidents.

There's a list of everything we have attached, so take a look!

(Joint post with Edward! Ed and Al's egg posts are still open if you want to claim any more of the eggs!)
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[The feed comes on to a...rather embarrassed Alphonse, with a pile of eggs sitting on the bed behind him. His Glameow is sniffing at them curiously, while Vaporeon lays on the pillow completely uninterested.]

Um...well, this is a little awkward, but I woke up this morning to find a bunch of eggs in my room! I wasn't trying to do any breeding but...well, I guess they decided to anyway. [Al casts a glance offscreen, then looks back with an awkward shrug.] If anyone wants to buy some, let me know? Um, there's Eevee, Cyndaquil, Meowth, and a Purrloin egg...I'll attach a list with how many there are of each. Um, thanks in advance!

[And with that he quickly turns the feed off to be horribly embarrassed forever. The promised list is attached to the message, however!]
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Just how common is all this stuff?

[Yeah, that's a very panicked Alphonse on the screen, with two Espurrs clinging very tightly to his head. Painfully tight, in fact, judging from that wince. And it looks like there are more huddling around Al--seriously, someone needs to find homes for them before he adopts every single damn one of them.]

At least the poor things don't seem to be hurt from it, but this is crazy! I heard about that storm with the Sharpedo, but this doesn't even make sense!
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[Al had taken some time fumbling around with the Gear once he got out of that odd town, testing the buttons and managing to reason his way into making a video post--though he doesn't realize that it is transmitting video yet. Alphonse comes onto the screen sitting at the base of a tree, and actually seems relatively calm about all this. It isn't the first time he's been tossed into a strange new world, though at least the last time he'd meant to go there. Anyone that knows him might notice he seems a bit...young, though.]

Okay, I think it's recording...
um, hello! I just got here, and I've read that little book, so I know what we're supposed to be here for, but...does anyone have any information as to how we were transported here? The only method I know to move between worlds like this doesn't...really seem to apply here.

[It looks like he would continue, but his Shinx takes that moment to pounce into his lap and headbutt under his chin--gently, though, and clearly just wanting attention.] Ah, jeez! It's barely been five minutes, can't I pay attention to something else for that long? --um, sorry, my Pokémon is being kind of needy...are they always like this? I know we're supposed to battle them, but this little guy is so much like a little kitten I can't see him fighting anything except his own tail! [And really, he's kind of offended by that concept in general. It's so cruel!!] Um, anyway, if anyone has any information I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!
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Too much cute? Not enough cats? Let me know how you like my writing of Al! Anon is enabled and IP logging is off.
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Backtagging: Go ahead!
Threadhopping: Sure, just preferably give me a warning beforehand.
Fourthwalling: If it's allowed in the setting, sure.
Offensive subjects: I don't have any triggers I know of.


Hugging this character: yesssssssssss
Kissing this character: He will blush a lot, but go for it!
Flirting with this character: See above!
Fighting with this character: Sure! Al can hold his own fairly well, as a warning.
Injure this character: As long as we hash it out OOC first.
Killing this character: Unless there is a revival mechanic, and even then I'd like to discuss OOCly before going through with it.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go for it, though he'll likely get annoyed if it's without permission.
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egg cycles
avg. eggs per month
days to hatch
10-12 (5-6)
2-3 days
8-10 (4-5)
4-5 days
6-8 (3-4)
4-5 days
5-6 (2-3)
7-8 days
4-5 (2-3)
10-12 days
3-4 (2)
12-14 days
2-3 (2)
14-16 days
1-2 (1)
18-21 days

Current Job: N/A
Current Rooming: Travelling
Current Travel Partners: Envy and Heather Mason

Cherrygrove ↔ Violet ↔ Azalea ↔ Goldenrod ↔ Ecruteak ↔ Olivine ↔ Cianwood ↔ Mahogany ↔ Blackthorn
Viridian ↔ Pewter ↔ Cerulean ↔ Saffron ↔ Vermilion ↔ Celadon ↔ Lavender ↔ Fuchsia ↔ Cinnabar

Week-to-date: 9/30/17


  • PMeowth Money

  • PokéGear

  • Trainer Handbook

  • Mega Bracelet

  • 5 Super Potions

  • 3 Hyper Potions

  • 2 Antidotes

  • 2 Paralyze Heals

  • 2 Awakenings

  • 2 Burn Heals

  • 2 Ice Heals

  • 5 Revives

  • 3 Repels

  • 1 Max Repel

  • 5 Great Balls

  • 5 Fast Balls

  • 4 Friend Balls

  • 3 Heavy Balls

  • 5 Level Balls

  • 5 Love Balls

  • 4 Lure Balls

  • 4 Moon Balls

  • 1 Everstone

  • 1 Soothe Bell

  • 1 TM04 Calm Mind

  • 1 TM09 Venoshock

  • 1 TM19 Roost

  • 1 TM29 Psychic

  • 1 TM52 Focus Blast (reusable)

  • 1 TM53 Energy Ball

  • 1 TM80 Rock Slide

  • 1 TM81 X-Scissor

  • 1 TM82 Dragon Tail

  • 1 TM101 Water Pulse

  • 1 HM02 Fly

  • 1 HM04 Strength

  • 1 HM06 Rock Smash

  • 1 washcloth, 2 towels (one small, one larger), 1 toothbrush, 1 travel-sized pack of toothpaste

  • clothes line, 6 clothes pins, and rubber gloves

  • 1 single-person tent

  • sleeping bag

  • 1 change of clothes

  • 3 extra boxers

  • 1 Escape Rope

Roster code altered from [personal profile] heartofmetal

Pokemon type hexcodes


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